One of the smallest and most damage-prone parts of your boat is unfortunately also one of the most critical for optimal performance. A bent or damaged propeller can affect the general performance of your boat like the ability to gain or maintain speed or having difficulties steering. It can also affect overall comfort of the ride with knocking noises and/or vibrations.


If you notice any variance in the performance of your boat, your first step should be to inspect the propeller. If you notice chips, cracks or bent blades, don’t rush out and spend money on a new propeller, contact the experts at Midwest Boat & Prop. Our goal is to get you back on the water as fast and economical as possible.


Generally, you can expect to pay roughly a third, to half of the cost of a new replacement when having your propeller repaired with us.  However, if we determine that it cannot be repaired to the manufacturer's specifications, we offer a full line of new as well as hundreds of reconditioned propellers.